5 Simple Techniques For Youth basketball offense drills

Predictability – The most important downside from the flex offense is its predictability. The opposition crew will know where you’re likely to Reduce, who you’re gonna display screen, and what places about the court docket you wish to get pictures from.

Much less Dribbling – If there’s a single basketball skill that’s overused in youth game titles it’s dribbling. The flex offense doesn’t permit gamers to above-dribble. If a participant dribbles in the flex offense it’s with a objective.

Although this human being is helping end the flex cutter, they’re remaining screen as the participant they’re defending is cutting to the very best of the key or flashing for the ball. This forces the defense for making a decision… do I assistance on the cutter or do I stay with my participant?

On this drill, there are 5 places that players will Select from. These could be anywhere from ten-footers to three-issue photographs, depending on the participant’s ability level.. The rules are:

On the other baseline, they're going to execute a defensive slide many of the solution to another side in the baseline

Gamers all start off inside of a line facing the mentor. If the mentor blows his whistle or states start out, the gamers slap the ground, yell “DEFENSE!” and start to shuffle their feet. The gamers continue on shuffling their toes until finally the mentor offers these instructions:

When this transpires the player during the corner rotates click to read more up and receives the basketball whilst the cutter takes their place within the corner.

We start this entry in the higher one-four. The point guard passes to either wing player after which you can will make a UCLA Lower from the ball-side article participant towards the block. If your move is on, ensure it is. Otherwise, the basketball is rotated and we’re now in flex.

Cutting throughout the perimeter forces all defenders to stick with the offensive participant they’re guarding.

That's okay. They haven't got the power nonetheless to shoot with just one hand. You are able to continue to target other significant aspects of the basketball shot like what their eyes, knees, or feet ought to be accomplishing.

When the defense gets a cease, they turn out to be offense and take the ball to another end with the courtroom, where a defense is ready on them.

The first thing the coach have to do is make a decision on the participating in. This tends to count on the amount of gamers you've.

To the blow of your whistle, the defenders should convert and begin to block their lover out. Contrarily, the offensive participant ought to be trying their toughest to go receive the basketball over the baseline.

It will permit the coach to show the several kinds of pivots and is also a drill the gamers get pleasure from carrying out.

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